Application of Vital Wheat Gluten in Bread Industry

Vital Wheat Gluten, as a high-quality vegetable protein, contains a variety of amino acids and has excellent viscoelasticity, and has been widely used in the food industry.


Vital wheat gluten is used in bread flour, which can significantly improve the water absorption rate of dough, increase the elasticity, air-holding, kneading resistance and stability of dough, and significantly improve the internal structure and baking quality of bread. Moreover, due to the high protein content of gluten, it often undergoes a mead reaction during the baking process and produces an attractive aroma, which can improve the quality of bread.


Vital wheat gluten can also improve the elasticity of food. For example, after adding gluten in fish cake, because gluten absorbs water and recovers into gluten network structure rich in ductility, after pinching and mixing with fish evenly, through heating, gluten continuously absorbs water and denatures thermally, strengthening the elasticity of fish cake; gluten denatured by reducing agent or enzyme is used in the production of sausage products, which can enhance the elasticity of sausage.


Post time: Jun-16-2022