Wheat Gluten Pellets With Protein Content 82% as Feed Nutrition Enhancers For Aquaclture Feed

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Hot Sale Factory Supply Feed Grade Wheat Gluten Pellets for Deep-Sea Prawns

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Vital Wheat Gluten Pellets With Protein Content 82% as Feed Nutrition Enhancers For Aquaclture Feed

Introduction of Wheat Gluten Pellets

Wheat Gluten Pellets is a vital wheat gluten for the feed manufacturing, obtained by physical extraction from wheat and processed to cylindrical pellet by physical extrusion. It is insoluble in water. This protein appears as a fine, slightly yellowish pellet and has a typical wheat taste.

The protein content is as high as 82.2%, which is a nutrient rich plant protein resource. As aquatic feed, vital wheat gluten pellets can make the feeding aquatic animals have high absorption rate, fast growth and fresh meat, which is favored by aquaculture industry.


Application of Wheat Gluten Pellets

With the improvement of people’s living standards and diversification of diet structure, people not only meet the demand of traditional products, but also meet the demand of high-grade aquatic products and high protein animal products. Wheat Gluten Pellets is used in the feed industry to produce high-grade aquatic products such as crabs, eels, prawns and other feed additives.

It not only improves the nutritional value of the feed, but also improves the comprehensive utilization rate of the feed in the feeding process because of its suspension after water absorption and natural viscoelasticity.Wheat wheat gluten pellets is mainly used as basic raw material for high grade aquatic feed,such as salmons, deep sea prawn and so on.


Feed industry:
The protein content of vital wheat gluten pellets is high and the amino acid composition is relatively complete. In the feed industry, its excellent protein source can be used as feed for high-grade animals and pets. In the process of feed processing, as long as gluten feed pellets is mixed with other food protein in proportion, and according to the characteristics of animal feed and its lack of essential ingredients, the special feed for various animals can be made. High grade gluten feed pellets has “light and mellow taste” or “slightly grain flavor”. When mixed with other ingredients, it can be said that it has complete color, flavor and flavor, and is especially suitable for all kinds of pet tastes, which greatly increases the utilization rate of feed.


When the temperature is 30-80 ℃, high-quality wheat gluten pellets can quickly inhale twice the mass of water, and the vital wheat gluten pellets content is 82.2% (dry basis). When the dry vital wheat gluten pellets absorbs water, the protein content decreases with the increase of water absorption until the water content is 65% and the protein content is 25.27%. This property can prevent water separation and improve water retention. When vital wheat gluten pellets is fully mixed with other ingredients in feed, and because of its strong adhesion ability, it is easy to form granules. When it is put into water to absorb water, the feed particles are fully enveloped in the wet vital wheat gluten pellets network structure and suspended in water, so that the nutrition will not be lost, which greatly improves the utilization rate of animals.


Product Characteristics:

Form Cylindrical pellet
Color Slightly yellowish
Smell No smell
Flavour Natural wheat


Physical-chemical parameter

Moisture 10.0% Max.
Protein (Nx6.25) 82.2% Min.
Protein (Nx5.7) 75.0% Min.
Ash 1.0% Max.
Diameter of pellet 4mm
Length of pellet 5-10mm


Nutritional information (For every 100g)

Enery Value 370 kcal or 1548 KJ
Carbonhydrates 13.80 g
Protein 75.00 g
Total fat 1.20 g
Saturated fat 0.27 g
Trans fac None
Fibre 0.60 g
Soidum (Na) 29.00 mg



This product do not contain any ingredient of GMO origin as mentioned in the EC Regulation No 1829/2003 on genetically modified food and feed.


Shelf life:

Total product shelf life of bulk delivered material is 24 months after production date if stored under recommended storage conditions. & storage conditions


Storage condition:

Store product in a dry and clean area (< 20°C, < 60% RH) away from odorous materials. And stock should undergo regular rotation.



1. Big polywoven bags. Net weight: 1000 kgs

2. Other packing according to buyer’s idea.


Labeling and marks

Language, Pattern and content details according to buyer’s option.


Wheat Gluten is the water-insoluble natural protein separated from nature wheat flours. Gum gluten is wheat gluten in its freshly extracted wet form. Dry gluten is approximately 70–85% protein. It absorbs two to three times its weight in water. The differences in properties of vital wheat gluten in comparison to almost all other food proteins are largely due to the polarity level of the total amino acid structure. Most food proteins have polar group levels of 30–45% and have a net negative charge, while vial wheat gluten has a polar group level of approximately 10% with a net positive charge. This results in the repulsion of excess water and the close association of the vital wheat gluten molecules and resistance to dispersion. In baked goods, this results in the ability to form adhesive, cohesive masses, films, and three-dimensional net- works. Gluten formation is utilized in the baking industry to impart dough strength, gas retention, structure, water absorption, and retention with breads, cakes, doughnuts, and so on. It is also used as a formulation aid, binder, filler, and tableting aid. 



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