Benefits for anglers

Benefits for anglers
The powder is an indispensable bait in fishing and plays a very important role in adjusting the state of the bait! It has been used in the food industry, and its main function is to tighten the strength of the noodles, so that the noodles can be more resistant to cooking and soaking, and full of taste! When the powder is used in fishing lures, it is a breakthrough in the world of fishing lures, and has an extremely important role in improving the state of the lure and enhancing the catch!
Drawing powder itself is not a mystery

There are many kinds of drawing powder on the market now, and the name is also more, in addition to the drawing powder, there are wheat protein fiber, gluten powder or active gluten powder and so on, due to various manufacturers in the extraction of the base material, as well as the extraction process and production process is different, resulting in the finished drawing powder kind of wheat protein fiber dipped in a percentage of a big difference in the opening of the bait into the silk, resulting in different fiber length, which is This is what we call the difference between the mesh of the drawing powder, generally speaking, the color of the white drawing powder wheat protein content is high, the fibers produced by drawing longer, while the color of the yellow drawing powder in the wheat protein content is lower, the fibers produced will be shorter!
Homemade pulverized flour is actually very simple

The powder itself is nothing special, the composition is very simple, the cost is also very low, but we see many brands on the market selling the powder is not cheap, so next I will teach you how to make your own powder, the threshold is very low, raw materials we can get, the most difficult may be the crusher is not very good, because the use of stainless steel herbal crusher, but if we often homemade bait, then It is a good idea to go to Alibaba or Poundland to buy one, which is only a few dozen dollars.

Prepare the raw materials is very simple, including 500 grams of cereal powder, 10-25 grams of expansion powder and 50 grams of potato snow powder, we will first add the cereal powder and expansion powder together with the crusher, after 3-5 minutes of crushing, add the potato snow powder, and then crushed for about 2 minutes, the pulverized powder is done!
After crushing, the mesh of the pulverized powder will be increased, the more we need high mesh pulverized powder, the more we can extend the crushing time, so that the viscosity of the pulverized powder will also increase. The role of the swelling powder is to reduce the viscosity of the grain powder and make the bait more fluffy, while the role of the snow powder is of course to adjust the state of the drawing powder, making its specific gravity lower.

The above is an introduction to the production of drawing powder, in fact, most of the bulk drawing powder sold online is based on this recipe, if you are fishing in the amount of more, you can prepare the raw materials and tools for homemade, or very save money!

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