A long brewing international food crisis is sweeping the world

this year (2021) on May 22, Academician Yuan Longping, a famous agricultural scientist in China and the unparalleled father of hybrid rice, passed away. We mourn all over the country and sincerely appreciate the team led by grandpa yuan for solving China’s food security problem. Maybe God can’t bear grandpa yuan to continue to stay in the world and bear more hardships and forcibly take him away, but Xiaobian hopes that if possible If Grandpa yuan can live longer. Because the world is still facing a huge problem of hunger, and even the food crisis is ongoing.

The once-in-a-millennium high temperature and drought have brought about a significant reduction in grain production.

In June, not long ago, some cities in the United States experienced a high temperature rarely seen in the millennium. Seattle, for example, was once as high as 38.3 degrees. Some netizens may think it’s not very high! It can be higher! The figure is not very high, but Seattle has a temperate marine climate. The latitude is similar to that in Northeast China. The annual average temperature is about 22 and 23 degrees. It is a city that basically does not need air conditioning and heating. The high temperature of 38.3 degrees is like the heat in the northeast of China to everyone’s bare arms. Is this analogy very hot?

What’s more exaggerated is that Vancouver in Canada and Portland in the United States are still climbing the peak, competing for the highest point, and even setting a historical record of 47 degrees. The rare high temperature brought extreme drought to most areas. Nearly 40% of the entire United States has experienced drought. The United States is the world’s largest grain exporter. The continuous drought will inevitably lead to a significant reduction in grain production in the United States.

The reduction of food production in the United States will affect not only the rice bowls of Americans, but also the rice bowls of people all over the world, especially those already poor countries. What is more terrible is that the northern and southern hemispheres have suffered the same situation, and Brazil, the world’s granary, has also suffered a once-in-a-century drought. Brazil is also a major grain exporter, among which the output of corn, soybean and other important crops ranks among the top three in the world. The simultaneous reduction of grain production in the United States and Brazil will undoubtedly push up international grain prices.

The international food crisis has been brewing for a long time, and high temperature and drought are only the fuse.

Extreme weather just let more people see the food crisis. The ongoing food crisis has been brewing for a long time. Ready to eat food this year, (2021) June, international grain prices have risen by about 50% this year, a record high of 10 years. In fact, international grain prices were already ready before the outbreak. The international food prices continued to rise since the outbreak of COVID-19. The extreme weather is one disaster after another.

The United Nations issued a warning in September 2019 that nearly 690 million people around the world are facing hunger. Affected by the epidemic, the number of people facing hunger may increase by about 200 million. The international food crisis will undoubtedly make more people hungry. Of course, many countries have taken precautions. For example, France’s food self-sufficiency rate is as high as 300%. Russia and Thailand have begun to hoard food and prohibit exports long before the epidemic.

Well off in all respects (2017) China’s countries that performed well before the international food crisis will be relatively less affected. Some countries with insufficient food but rich Kari, such as South Korea and Japan, do not have a big problem, just spend more money. The worst is those countries that are poor, have little food, and even are still in war. Such as Afghanistan, Egypt and Syria The people of the country are not rich, and the family will be even worse.

It is everyone’s responsibility to cherish and save food.

Last year (2020), China continued to emphasize that advocating food conservation is to prevent crises in advance. Although China has solved the problem of food and clothing and has enough food reserves to ensure that people throughout the country will not be hungry for several years under extreme circumstances, food security must be paid attention to. Because the food crisis is more serious than the energy crisis, the so-called “soldiers and horses do not move, food and grass first” and “food is the first for the people” “Whoever controls food controls all mankind.” China’s food security is the result of the struggle of countless martyrs represented by Yuan Longping. We are not qualified to live up to it. I hope you will cherish food and start with CD.

Post time: Dec-16-2021