High Quality Food Grade Vital Wheat Gluten With 75% Or 82% Protein Content

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Factory Wholesale High Quality Vital Wheat Gluten with 82% Protein

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High Quality Food Grade Vital Wheat Gluten With 75% Or 82% Protein Content

Introduction of Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital wheat gluten is a insoluble protein and has much advantages such as high protein content, high adhesive, high digesting rate, high water absorption.Can be used in many kinds of food industry, obtained by physical extraction from quality hard raw wheat. It is insoluble in water. This protein appears as a fine, slightly yellowish powder and has a typical wheat taste.

Vital wheat gluten , also known as active gluten and wheat gluten protein, is a natural protein extracted from wheat (flour). It is light yellow, and the protein content is as high as 82.2%. It is a plant protein resource with rich nutrition. It is a good dough improver with viscosity, elasticity, extensibility, film-forming and fat absorption. It is widely used in the production of bread, noodles and instant noodles. It can also be used as water retaining agent in meat products. It is also the basic raw material of high-grade aquatic feed. In the production of various health food for infants and young children, 1-2% wheat gluten protein is added as protein additive.

Main Uses of Vital Wheat Gluten
The main use of vital wheat gluten is to adjust the content of flour protein. Many bread manufacturers add vital wheat gluten to low gluten flour to meet the requirements of bread flour without mixing expensive high gluten flour. This method has been widely used in Europe. Similarly, bread makers are using wheat gluten protein to fortify general grade flour without having to store large quantities of high gluten flour.

The unique viscoelastic properties of vital wheat gluten improve dough strength, mixing and processing properties. Its film-forming foaming ability can save air to control expansion, improve volume, symmetry and texture. The thermal setting properties provide the necessary structural strength and chewing properties. Its water absorption capacity improves the yield, softness and shelf life of baked products.

According to the specific use, texture and shelf life of baked food, the amount of vital wheat gluten varies. For example, adding about 1% vital wheat gluten to wheat flour can reduce the breakage rate of the finished pretzels, but adding too much vital wheat gluten may cause the pretzels to taste too hard. The use of about 2% vital wheat gluten in pre cut hamburgers and hot dog breads can improve its strength and give the desired crispy properties to the bun.


Product Characteristics:

Form Powder
Color Slightly yellowish
Smell No smell
Flavour Natural wheat


Physical-chemical parameter

Moisture 9.0% Max.
Protein (Nx6.25) 82.2% Min.
Protein (Nx5.7) 75.0% Min.
Ash 1.0% Max.
Water absorption rate 150% Min.
Percentage on sieve of 200μm 2.0% Max.


Nutritional information (For every 100g)

Enery Value 370 kcal or 1548 KJ
Carbonhydrates 13.80 g
Protein 75.00 g
Total fat 1.20 g
Saturated fat 0.27 g
Trans fac None
Fibre 0.60 g
Soidum (Na) 29.00 mg

This product do not contain any ingredient of GMO origin as mentioned in the EC Regulation No 1829/2003 on genetically modified food and feed.

Shelf life:
Total product shelf life of bulk delivered material is 24 months after production date if stored under recommended storage conditions. & storage conditions

Storage condition:
Store product in a dry and clean area (< 20°C, < 60% RH) away from odorous materials. And stock should undergo regular rotation.

1. Multilayer paper bags with poly-inner liner. Net weight: 25kgs
2. Big polywoven bags. Net weight: 1000 kgs
3. Other packing according to buyer’s idea.

Labeling and marks
Language, Pattern and content details according to buyer’s option.

Application in feed industry:
Vital wheat guten can quickly absorb twice the weight of water at 30-80 ° C, and the protein egg content of dry vital wheat gluen decreases with the increase of water absorption, which can prevent water separation and improve water retention. When 3-4% vital wheat gluten is fully mixed with feed, it is easy to shape into granules due to its strong adhesion ability. After being put into water to absorb water, the beverage is enveloped in the structure of wet gluten network and suspended in water. The nutrition will not be lost and the utilization rate of fish can be greatly improved.

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