Food Grade Plant Organic Vital Wheat Gluten For Bread, Ham Sausage And Dumpling

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China Manufacture Best Price Vital Wheat Gluten for Bakery Industry

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Food Grade Plant Organic Vital Wheat Gluten For Bread, Ham Sausage And Dumpling

Introduction of Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital wheat gluten, also known as active gluten and wheat gluten protein, is a natural protein extracted from wheat (flour). It is light yellow, and the protein content is as high as 82.2%. It is a plant protein resource with rich nutrition. It is a good dough improver with viscosity, elasticity, extensibility, film-forming and fat absorption. It is widely used in the production of bread, noodles and instant noodles. It can also be used as water retaining agent in meat products. It is also the basic raw material of high-grade aquatic feed. In the production of various health food for infants and young children, 1-2% gluten is added as protein additive.


Main Uses of Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital wheat gluten in bread production, according to the characteristics of the flour itself, add 2-3% vital wheat gluten, can significantly improve the dough water absorption, enhanced resistance to mixing of the dough, shortening dough fermentation time, so increased specific volume of bread products, including the heart uniformly fine texture and skin color, appearance, flexibility and taste are greatly improved. When proofing and to retain the gas, making it a good water retention, and preservation of aging, extend shelf life and increase the nutritional content of bread.


Product Characteristics:

Form Powder
Color Slightly yellowish
Smell No smell
Flavour Natural wheat


Physical-chemical parameter

Moisture 9.0% Max.
Protein (Nx6.25) 82.2% Min.
Protein (Nx5.7) 75.0% Min.
Ash 1.0% Max.
Water absorption rate 150% Min.
Percentage on sieve of 200μm 2.0% Max.


Nutritional information (For every 100g)

Enery Value 370 kcal or 1548 KJ
Carbonhydrates 13.80 g
Protein 75.00 g
Total fat 1.20 g
Saturated fat 0.27 g
Trans fac None
Fibre 0.60 g
Soidum (Na) 29.00 mg



This product do not contain any ingredient of GMO origin as mentioned in the EC Regulation No 1829/2003 on genetically modified food and feed.


Shelf life:

Total product shelf life of bulk delivered material is 24 months after production date if stored under recommended storage conditions. & storage conditions


Storage condition:

Store product in a dry and clean area (< 20°C, < 60% RH) away from odorous materials. And stock should undergo regular rotation.



1. Multilayer paper bags with poly-inner liner. Net weight: 25kgs

2. Big polywoven bags. Net weight: 1000 kgs

3. Other packing according to buyer’s idea.


Labeling and marks

Language, Pattern and content details according to buyer’s option.



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